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It’s hard to just stay at home when there’s no work in the office or a class in your school. Rather than spend most of your precious time and money outside of your home, isn’t it better to stay indoors where it’s safer. Here in The Florence, staying put at home has never been more exciting. With a wide range of amenities designed for your relaxation and leisure, you’d wish to just stay in your place no matter what happens.

For starters, you don’t need to go far to refresh yourself from the summer heat. As a matter of fact, you can do just that as soon as you step out of your unit in the Florence. There’s an 18-meter swimming pool available for your use any day of the week. This amenity comes with wooden sundecks and a lounge to complete the vacation experience you’ve been looking for. Your children can also join in on the fun because there’s a smaller pool more suitable for their age. With these pools available for you and your family, you need not go far anymore when you want to swim.

Rather than going outside to find a gym, you can find a facility within the premises of The Florence to aid in your fitness goals. This gym houses a variety of fitness equipment and machines to help you lose weight in no time at all. Plus, you can also enjoy the use of spa, sauna, and massage facilities to help you relax better. With these various amenities, staying and losing all of those unwanted pounds will be a walk in the park.

A car is a pretty big investment for anyone. Here in The Florence, your beloved car is guaranteed to be protected no matter what. This condominium development has a dedicated parking area that prevents man-made and natural threats from harming your car. At the same time, your children can also enjoy the benefit of security while having the time of their lives. The Florence has a dedicated daycare area and playground for your young ones. These amenities are within the premises of this residential development, ensuring your children are guarded well while they are having fun.

As you can see, living in The Florence is an experience you won’t find anywhere else. With its exceptional amenities, your leisure and protection is certainly assured for the entirety of your stay here. These benefits will improve your way of life and deliver the kind of living you prefer.


  • 18 Meter Lap Pool
  • Nursery Room
  • Children's Pool
  • Playground
  • Swimming pool with in-pool lounge and wooden sundeck
  • Day care center
  • Function Rooms
  • Game room
  • Business Center
  • Fitness Center
  • Male and female changing/shower rooms
  • Bar and lounge
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